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As Business Strategists we serve only Business Customers and have intimate knowledge about every aspect of their company ventures and plans. One service we provide is private equity fund raising for expansion, growth and opportunities. Sure they can go to the Bank or SBA if it isn't time sensitive and they accept all the process. We all know "It takes money to capitalize on opportunity" and in certain situations our customers would gladly pay high interest and fees than lose the opportunity. So in the end everyone wins...


Here's where you come in. We offer private investors like yourself Short Term, High Yield and Secured Investment Opportunities. Normally in the form of Bridge Loans with short term balloons or calls. Below is a basic outline of the kinds of loan parameters and deals offered:

General Loan Outline 

*Loan Terms: 1 to 12 months           *Rate Range: 8% to 12%

*Loan Amounts: $50k - $500K          *Amort. Type: Interest Only

*Points To Lender: 3% to 25%          *Method: Mortgage Lien

*Position: 1st Normally                     *Alt Meth: UCC Filing & Title

*Secured: Yes by Collateral               *Average: Real Estate

*Payments: Monthly                          *Docs. By: Title/Escrow

*Fees Paid by: Borrower                    *Closing By: Title/Escrow

*Client Type: Commercial Only         *RESPA: Does Not Apply

Example Of Past Deal

1) Client owns a Sports Bar & Restaurant and is looking to open a second location in Scottsdale (Client). Opportunity: Owner of Bar in Scottsdale is going through a divorce, needs money fast and willing to sale at a discount of 250K (Seller).

Client places his offering in the "Circle" (our Investor Pool) he's asking for 250K, Collateral = Bar Real Estate & Liquor License, Method = UCC Filing on both with a 2 week closing window and negotiable terms. It meets the criteria of 3 Investors but 1 has a problem with the 2 week close so he drops out. 2 Investors make offerings


Investor 1: 250K + 10pts + 10% I/O Call = 12 months

Investor 2: 250K + 8pts + 12% I/O Call = 6 months

After consideration Borrower accepted the first offer based on the additional 6 month time frame. Although in the end he refinanced out with Chase Bank 4 months later.  This is just one of many examples. Please watch the short video for more information about how things are structured and what to expect. Joining is absolutely Free and you're under NO obligation or commitment to participate. We also invite you to schedule a call at your convenience to answer any questions you might have  by selecting the "Schedule" Button below or above. We appreciate your consideration  and thank you for taking the time to look into the opportunities we offer. 

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All information Shared or Provided is considered Confidential and covered under our NDA which you will receive shortly.
Thanks for Inquiring!
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