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Welcome to Profit Accelerator, Architects of your  Competitive Advantage. We will change the way you Market forever. One Moment While Content Loads....



Hire us to execute a pre-designed Task or Campaign "On Demand" and as needed. For example: Buy Web Traffic (10K Visitors) Flat Fee: $349 or Promo Landing Page Flat Fee: $199

Business Consultation


Hire us to evaluate any area needed and expedite solutions to grow, correct or refine. Ex: Grow FaceBook & Instagram (80K Followers Yr.) + Web Hits (120K Yr.) Monthly Plan: $999.



Make us an imaginary "silent partner" and we'll assess & reform the entire business. Ex. Tier 1 - On Call, Assess Full Biz, Execute Fin. Opps, 200K Web hits, 60K FB, 60K Inst, 60k Tik, 60k YouTube. Monthly: $2999



Need Capital for a Purchase, Refinance, Expansion, Acquisition etc. We offer Collateral secured (Real Estate etc.) funding for any project, concept or venture. Get funding fast for deals that  Banks and Lenders turn down. Time Sensitive Risky Opportunities? We can help you close the deal where others fail. No Credit Checks, No Prepayment Penalties Rates ranges from 5% - 12% with 3 to 8 points on the backend, short term calls. Loan to Value up to 90% of 50K to 10 million. Get more done and start making big moves... Contact us to discuss.


Individual Services




We drive mass traffic to your Social Media Platforms - Guaranteed or its FREE. Our Campaigns are Measured, Tracked & Reported. Whether you need a larger audience of followers to advertise or need mass exposure for a posting, special event or announcement. Our A.I. Tools provide you a competitive edge over your competition at a fraction of what it would cost yourself or through anyone else. We give you "The Keys To The Internet", unlock the power and prosper! We can as our methods & tools are different and exclusive to us & our clients.



Unlike every campaign you've ever tried to "Attract Traffic" we actually "Drive Traffic" to your website or landing page. Our web traffic campaigns bring prospects to you and all you need to do is close. Like all of our products we guarantee results in writing or its FREE. No one else offers this because they speculate and can't say for sure what you're getting or if it will work. So why to you keep buying it?  "If we guarantee 50,000 unique visitors a month, that's what we deliver or you pay nothing!!!" Get Results Fast... Much Better Than SEO & It's targeted!!!

Mass Text Campaigns


Reach people on the place they spend most of their time. To be effective one must focus. Upon establishing your "target market consumer" we research, compile, customize and expedite your Mass Text Campaign. Our systems monitor, track and log - responses, bounce rates, opt-in ratios, actual sales and produce comprehensive reports providing us the ability to isolate, refine and replicate the methods that brought favorable returns. This technique ensures we constantly improve each and every campaign after until we find the "sweet spot" to just hit repeat...

Mass Email Campaigns


"There is no silver bullet, no singular solution" We implement a enumeration of techniques, methods and tactics formulated to produce. Unlike our competition we don't ask you to build a list or mindlessly blast emails using the "Shotgun Approach", we employ a logic based "Surgical Approach" producing a much higher rate of return. People today are constantly inundated and overwhelmed by marketing so you need to "stand out from the rest" and think outside of the box for a change. If you continue doing work everyone else is you'll see no return.

Free Evaluations


We consider evaluations to be much like seeing a doctor. Even if you're healthy you have a "annual checkup". If not only to ensure things are good but also to "See what's new and what else is out there". If you're sick its like "getting a doctor's opinion or getting a second opinion". Then consider the diagnosis and treatment plan. We find problems or areas needing to be reformed to produce results fast then we refine the 40 business fundamentals to dominate your industry. This isn't "Lip Service" or a "Punch Line" Give us 1/2 your budget and we'll create twice the results of your current campaigns. 

Business Consultation


We believe in empowerment through enlightenment and will provide you the equivalent of an MBA with our E-Learning system. It will not only provide you with new skills, it will also refine your existing skills and take you to a new level business wise. This new mindset and mastery of the 40 fundamentals of business will stay with you for a life-time and change the way you approach any business venture.  Your mindset, perspective and vision will change in ways you never thought possible Together we can accomplish great things. You know and understand your business better than anyone else and we understand the fundamentals of business & technology. Let's go.

Computer with Graph


Although Analysis is far from sexy or thrilling it is undoubtedly important and unmistakably insightful. We will thoroughly analyze 40 fundamental areas of your business to find immediate financial break throughs that increase your profits immediately. These areas include financials, valuation, marketing, strategies, policies, lead generation, pricing, advertising media, publicity, public relations, offers, close rates, sales data, transactions, COGs, overhead, cost cutting and much more. We can assist in achieving your potential. This isn't a sales pitch this is a guarantee or its free. We are talking about significant results hard to achieve and require great knowledge & skill.

Business handshake


Have unlimited access to REAL Experts on "Speed Dial". Gain the ability to reach out to your trusted Growth Specialist anytime you need an opinion, to brainstorm ideas, ask for guidance,  evaluate a strategy or intended marketing campaign etc. You'll find great value in having a dedicated partner with extensive experience,  knowledge and who has your best interests in mind. You might desire Coaching services or need a trusted Consultant "to take charge" of a task and expedite the objective alone or decide you just need Contract work. Regardless of your needs we have you covered. We invite your challenges.

Business Team


Upon completion of a thorough assessment and evaluation of the specifics of your business we will create a comprehensive "road map" and step-by-step guide to achieving the goals you set forth. As no two businesses are the same; nor can a "one size fits all" plan be an effective solution. Therefore, we customize every plan of action for each client we serve. We realize you've been disappointed in the past by "promises never kept" so we offer you a guarantee to double your ROI or it's FREE. Start demanding more for your money. We don't want your money unless we've earned it.



Our firm offers 60+ proven strategies based on foundational and historical data driven results. We guarantee the success of these strategies to drastically increase our clients profits upon implementation or you pay nothing. We are so confident in our abilities to produce positive outcomes that we provide a "money back" guarantee without question to each and every client we serve. Take a moment to consider our offer "No Results - No Fee" and you'll conclude you have ZERO risk in seeing what we can do. When was the last time you had a significant risk free offer that provided significant benefit to you and your business? We'd like to change that now.



There are many attributes that distinguish us from our competitors and here's another. We find and establish joint alliances for our coaching clients that drastically increase revenue and overall financial stability of our client's businesses. This includes extensive research into our client's industry,  competitors and acquiring contractual agreements that benefit both parties and promote significant growth in lead generation and conversions. We go to work producing results or our work is free. This means nothing less than we are "putting our money where our mouth is", it's either produce or contribute free service. We invite you to test us and try to obtain free service. 

Brainstorm to Success
Creative Concepts


Our firms Creative Concepts department is also known as "The Think Tank" where a body of experts provide concepts, advice,  copywriting, ideas on branding, advertising and marketing challenges and assists in helping our clients stand out amongst their competitors. It is more important today than ever to "stand out" in the crowd and separate yourself from your competitors. We can provide you a distinctive advantage in your market place that drives profit and in not just one area either. We invite you to bring us a problem, one that plagues you and allow us an opportunity to provide a solution.

Stock Market Chart


"We talk less and prove results" and that is what Business Owners need in todays fast moving environment. There isn't enough time as it is now to waste a second more on speculative outcomes. If you agree I ask why then do you continue to put your money in them? We offer a variety of marketing avenues that produce results immediately. This generates immediate cash flow for our clients, saves money and increases overall profitability. We are talking about drastic changes in most cases but subtle changes and additions were it matters. We will offer you an alternative to the path you know.

Programming Console


We offer proprietary technology and A.I. Self Managing Mainframes exclusive to us and the benefit of our clients. This includes our software patents involving analysis and marketing engines. We continue to evolve and create innovative tools and solutions not found anywhere else providing us a significant advantage over our counterparts Allow us the opportunity to prove our worth and show you the difference we can make in your business. It may surprise you we utilize old school informative tactics abandoned by the mainstream marketing universe and supercharge it with A.I Tech they probably never dreamed possible.

Young Female Artist


Our firm designs compelling advertisements for printed mediums, digital and social media. This includes video and commercial production. Experience the difference we can make in the potency of your advertising today. You want your videos and ads to deliver profound messages and leave lasting impressions which is why our ad philosophy reflects a methodical combination of poetic, artistic and philosophic infused media that is hard to forget and leaves you with a blended feeling of wisdom and nostalgia. We aim for anything but subtle, average or plain.

Website Design
Web Development


We don't develop average websites... We design "super-charged" marketing vehicles to deliver exceptional compelling offers that drive our clients business's to the next level. This includes funnels, capture pages, landing pages and much more. Our sites include a CRM systems to manage customers, build relationships, organize and nurture conversions. Whether you need a complete solution, just a "face lift", SEO, Special Tools or simple landing page for a campaign we got it. Our goal is to under promise and over deliver as we find expectations can be like self fulfilling disasters based on the idea holder.

Open For Business


We are "Dreamers in our ability to think outside of the box and provide creative solutions to complex issues", we are also "Doer's that take action in search of results upon a strategy planned and developed". This is  because Information regardless of quality is pointless without the understanding to implement it and do so in the appropriate order. We assist our clients is taking action in the right order by developing "road maps" by proven techniques & methods. We use both conventional and creative vehicles in distribution. We also offer several "mind bending options" most shy away from.

Custom Research & Lead Lists


Whether you need B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) we have a constantly growing database of over 45 million. We will research you specific demographic and target market customers and produce a custom email list, mailing list, phone list or text list. We can also independently research and compile any list you desire. Lets say for example you need a highly targeted list of new  residents, making 40K or more, married w/kids, located in the north valley only who owns vans "we got you". Any specific targeted demographic we can produce for you.

Printed Media


Before you order your next set of business cards, postcards, trifolds, folders, letterhead, t-shirts, hats or any kind of branded medium check with us first and you might just be surprised at how much you can save or the enlightening suggestions you receive prior to ordering elsewhere. This is because over the course of time and quantity we have established numerous connections and wholesale pricing that may "blow your mind". Further we don't charge for services like printing so rest assured you'll get our cost price. We don't "nickel & dime" our clients or feel the necessity to profit of our everything we do or provide. Thoughtful gestures that reimburse in building a stronger connection is enough pay for us at times. 

Billboards & Signage


Much like printed media over the course of time connections are made and relationships are built. In this specific case that translates into wholesale pricing in many cases. It absolutely worth taking a few minutes and looking into your options. One of the nicest benefits of doing business with us is networking and accessing our connections. This maybe a large media company we have some pull with or an existing or former customer we keep in our "circle of trust". Meaning even with your business we will refer business and offer you projects as they come into reality. There is something to be said about the statement "it isn't what you know it's who you know". 

images (2).jfif
Audio Production & Editing


Finding a good Sound Engineer can turn out to be a significant cost if you want to create a Radio Ad, Phone System Message or series, audio book, internet advertisement or recording for a phone campaign. Not any more, we offer cost effective solutions that are often included or bundled into other products and services. Regardless of your need or concept involving audio give us a call for any type of music/song/sound recordings, voiceover work or Robo Speech request. Audio is extremely important when it comes to leaving a memorable impression. Let's get to work and make something amazing together. 

Video Production & Editing


Visual reference and messaging is by far the most effective form of media there is. Statistically, it's 50x's more compelling then written media and 4x more influential than Audio Media by itself. Together Video & Audio are 2x more memorable than video by itself. Whether you need a TV Commercial, Training Video, Sales Video for the Internet, Website, Social Media any Video production and editing needed up to a Movie is cost effective and will convert more leads than anything else. Contact us and lets turn your idea or concept into a reality today. Fast Production. Best of all you won't go broke trying to modernize

APP Development


Applications are a great platform to reach people where they spend most of their time "on their phones". The can be a great place to advertise your business, spend your message through notifications and expose new products, services or material. Our Apps are designed to capture consumers attention and providing services in which consumers spend their time. By use of these methods  we can benefit our clients by advertising their products and services and log the consumer response rates. We build a variety of apps types and enjoy turning a idea into reality Let's talk about what you have in mind!

Hosting & Cloud Storage


We offer our clients for which we build there main business website or landing page the convenience of  hosting "in house" as well.  It allows our clients to saving money by bundling services and we include premier additions like a full CRM (Client Relations & Management) giving you a tool box of powerful benefits to launch your own email campaigns, manage and chat with your customers and more. We also offer cloud storage services for your business to secure and store data outsight, backup or expand you current storage abilities to any desired capacity

Private Network or TV Channel


Have you ever considered having your own Private TV Network or a dedicated TV Channel on another established Network? We can make either a Reality for much less than you think. Imagine the possibilities of owning a Network and hosting your businesses own channel, perhaps even selling Channel Space to others, Selling commercials and air time. When can even brand your own app so that your customers how pay for service a access your network. How about your own channel to advertise your business on a live feed, pod cast or On Demand. The actual possibilities are endless and we can make it all work. Distribute World Wide - The Sky is the limit.

Buy Or Sell A Business


If at any point now or in the future you are considering Buying another business or selling your existing business we are here to assist you throughout the process. If Buying, tell the kind of business you're interested in or what business you want to buy specifically (even if it isn't currently for sale) together we will develop a strategy including funding options and acquisition tactics. If you're interested in Selling you'll want us on the Team as well to analyze national averages and bolster key areas to ensure you sell for as much as possible. We'll also get the Buyer Funded so you can be sure it goes through.

Client Resources

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